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September 24, 2003


Matthew Holt

Thanks to Steve (our host here) Enoch and Graham for helping out with the RSS feed. My thoughts on blogging is that to get it looking good you technically have to move from being a power user to having to know some basics about code. 95% of the population isnt going to do that. I'm a power web _user_ who is trying (and failing) to avoid learning the basics of HTML, tagging, XML etc, and by trial and error I am becoming a very amateur coder. I've avoided Movable Type even though it looks better, becuase you have to know something about CGI to set it up, and I've already spent way more time fixing the look of my blog than I'd like. In addition Blogger doesnt allow you to organize by topic and I hope it will do soon in the next iteration.

I'd much rather the whole process was easier than it's been and until it becomes so bloggin will stay the province of the savvy or the adventurous.

Reading blogs is another matter, and I love that!


You (and I for that matter. No coder, I) are the absolute target audience for TypePad, where this blog resides. It's like "renting" Movable Type without any of the muss and fuss of having to learn the ins and outs. I HIGHLY recommend you take the 30 day test drive. And now with their new domain forwarding thingamabob (told you I wasn't a coder), you can have your blog look like it's right on the same URL with the rest of your site. Try it, you'll like it! (They're not paying me to say that, as a matter of fact, I just paid them!)

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