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November 18, 2003



i sure do, i confess, i do go to dinners for agents that i'm interested learning more about. The funny thing is that i don't typically use newer agents in my practice, so i have to be very well convinced of a newer agents' efficacy if i'm going to prescribe a pricier newer agent. I'll typically have a couple questions to ask the presenter, since i always come prepared with the knowledge of which agent they'll be huckstering, so that i can try to winnow out bias.

Bhavesh Patel

I have been to very very few "drug rep dinners" which was the holy grail in medical school (...any time you get free food in med school, it is the holy grail).

In residency, our program was philosophically opposed to it, so we didn't really get "corrupted" As an attending, we do get drug reps in who leave samples and pens, but no Ferrari's.

However, having had the opportunity to work sans influence and con influence, I have to say that I don't mind the drug reps, as long as they're not high pressured about it. It has often introduced me to some meds and formulations that I otherwise might not have known about or tried.

And of the few "educational programs" I have attended, I have gleaned some useful info.

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