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December 08, 2003



gotta feed nally her breakfast first... more notes to be blogged later...

on this blue&white 300mhz G3 (circa 1999) with 384 MB ram, safari is significantly faster, expose is amazing...


Steve, Panther is ready to go on your TiBook as long as you have Panther-ready apps. All of the stuff I use was pretty much good to go from about Day 10 post release.


played with it today, and am feeling sufficiently work-safe with it to put on our G5.

the only problems i've read were with some firewire external drives, and with FileVaut, the encryption tool for the whole hard drive.

here's to hoping it'll speed up our G5, which is way too poky with only 256MB ram. we ordered another gig to add to it since we do alot of iMovie with our baby ;)

Bhavesh Patel

Therea are supposed to be problems with the file encryption technology. While it works, there is some potential that it may corrupt data. This should NOT be your only copy of the info.

I have been using Panther since the night it came out. In fact, bought an iBook G4 that night which was introduced the at the same time (ebay'd the iBook G3.

One of the best things about Panther are the fact that it is faster on the same hardware...older machines are actually faster with this update, which is great.

Expose is amazing. I was using Jaguar the other day, and it was killing me not to have this amazing window management tool. I guess I used to do my own "expose" with dual monitors by manually moving windows out the way, but on a single monitor system, expose makes a huge difference.

Steve, you should take the plunge and install Panther!

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