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January 07, 2004



It should be possible to use an analog mic with Griffin Technnologies iMic turning it to a USB digital input to drop a digital track in over the top.

Looks like you're good to go.


Yeah, I get that part. The part I'm unsure about is how to get the "vamping" rhythm section to play the changes for, say, "My Funny Valentine" or something like that.


Having not yet looked at the program, I assume it runs like other loop-based audio programs in that if you want chord changes they likely need to already exist in the loops you import. Hence, if you want to practice over 12 bar blues, the loops you bring in need to already be a 12 bar blues progression.

However, if GB has synthesizer capabilities, then you can change the chords, key, progrssion, etc.

You might need some kind of USB/Midi interface to effect chord changes. I'm not sure by looking at Apple's website write-up.

Aha! it does have a built in synth:


so, to answer yr question, yes.


Thanks! I guess I'll have to take piano lessons from my brother. Or here's another question for everyone...If it takes midi input from a keyboard, can I also import an already existing midi file and just assign it to the GarageBand instruments? If so, this thing will REALLY rock.

Shazam, MD

I'll have to send you a midi file of some techno music I cranked out one night during medical school. One 2 minute loop that I set to repeat, and sometimes, it's half an hour before I realize that it's repeating. Hope you have as much fun with your toys.

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