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May 04, 2004


enoch choi

the company mentioned by the article that makes the star-trek like communicators, Vocera, has put them in a local hospital ER, el camino hospital. Sounds like it does save them time. My urgent care is looking into their product. Disclaimer: Vocera is funded by RRE, the venture group my brother's interning at.


Yaaaa.... my hospital uses Vocera. Our unit has yet to receive them, but I've seen them used in other areas and by other disciplines (Respiratory Therapy, transporters, etc.) Seems to work okay in theory, but more than once I've called it to request a "transporter" and Genie (yeah, that's the voice's name) says, "I do not understand. I think you said, "Ronald McArthur."

Otherwise, because it is a phone worn around the neck, anyone can hear the conversation within a radius of ~5 -/+ feet. This makes it a bit difficult to fully state what you want if you're already in another patient's room. Privacy issues and all. I brought this up to my boss, who said, "Well, just take it out in the hall or something." First of all, there are even more unpriviledged ears out in the hall, and secondly, why wouldn't I just use a phone at the desk???

A good thing I've noticed is that it's much easier to get ahold of people that were not easy to reach previously. My boss, for one :-) And I have to admit it would be nice to phone someone (a doctor, most likely) from inside the room AT the patient's bedside.

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