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June 29, 2004



One of the dangers, of course, is that we can lose those developers. Some survive, like Kaleidoscope did, because it offered much better functionality than Apple's Theme Manager in OS 9.

Some move on to other platforms, like Watson just did. Frontier/Manila/RadioUserland became bi-platform, but leveraged Windows technologies better than the Macs. Ask Winer about his history with Apple, if you have an hour of your life that you don't care if you can't get back.

And some dry up and blow away, like the folks who made Liteswitch and the like.

As I said, Apple has to be careful when incorporating these new features not to destroy the people that created them. Watson will go, and Konfabulator may follow if Apple integrates the technology too tightly, but Brent has nothing to worry about - NNW is already too feature rich to be impacted much.

Oh, and TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. In other words, don't bitch because you have to register; it's the cost of using a 'free' service.


AHHH...TANSTAAFL. I think I'll start using that one on my kids. ;-)

And, yes, I'm familiar with Dave's history, and this episode seems to be giving him very intense flashbacks...unforutnately.

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