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July 14, 2004



You must have AGENDUS Pro, (which will integrate all basic Palm functionality and EMAIL)--it's the BEST I've seen.
I moblog on typepad by emailing a unique typepad address, and don't use any other software for posting. You can set this up thru typepad's control panel.
Verichat for IMing (all major IM programs supported).
Docs to Go supports the MS office Suite.
and Sketcher 2.0 for drawing maps or quick pix.
That's about it for me, but I'm not a super technogeek, just a person who needs to be organized and in contact frequently. Enjoy.



I plan on buying one next week when it becomes availible to the general public, wish I was a business customer.

As far a blogging I read about this new blogging tool for Palm called HBlogger http://www.hexlet.com/products/hblogger/

The site says it supports Movabletype so maybe it will work with TypePad.

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