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March 09, 2005


Use Commom Sense

#1 I wash my hands before I touch my Johnson to use the restroom. Your hands are covered in germs from touching ordinary stuff, like door handles, hand rails, etc. Since I showered, the only thing my Johnson has touched is the inside of a clean pair of drawers. So effectively washing your hands after you use the restroom is just cleaning all the germs you applied to your unit while relieving yourself. Ask your g/f or wife is she wants everyone's hands in her when the 2 of you get together for a session.

#2 My parents taught me NOT to pee on myself when they toilet trained me. If you're having problems, you might wanna check back with the parents.

#3 Any doctor will tell you that urine is sterile


#1 The guy who posted above me is a dirty bastard.
#2 My parents taught me sto WASH MY HANDS AFTER TOUCHING MY PENIS something your parents seemed not to have been smart enough to figure out.
#3 Logic is not this guy above me's strong point at all.

Uncle Mike

#1 The guy who posted above me is an ignorant name-caller.
#2 So, your parents taught you that your penis is dirty. That is nothing to be proud of.
#3 Urine is, in fact, a sterile liquid. Logic has nothing to do with it.

Given all that, I usually wash my hands anyway because I am a pussy and peer pressure makes me.


me & my cousin were both told by our respective mothers to pee on it as first aid if we had cut ourselves while out playing.



To wash or not to wash, sterile or not sterile?

I hate to shake hands and I wouldn't piss on my silverware to make sure it's sterile.

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