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March 09, 2005



Which hotel are you staying at.. so I know to avoid it!


The Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando...which by the way, has a checkout time of noon and no place to work without blaring music until my 7:30 flight! (I have found refuge in a phone booth...)


The wife and I went to St.Louis for vacation and brought along the laptop. We checked with the hotel to make sure we had access in our room. We arrived to find a outlet to plug in a cat5 cable. We didn't bring ours I figured it was standard, but I'm always thinking and figured the front desk probable had a drawer full of them for their $150.00 a night guests. HAH The lady laughed and said yea we have 3 but they are all being used right now.(This hotel had around 200 rooms I think)
I said what am I supposed to do and was told I should have brought mine from home (Why didn't I think of that?) I said could you put me down for one if someone checks out and brings one back. She said sure but you have about 6 people in front of you. (I lost it and almost fell on the floor laughing)(I was relived to find out I was not the only person not smart enough to bring one with) and then she told me that there was a $30 deposite on the cable. LOL After I caught my breath from laughing I went to walmart across the road and bought 20ft of cat5 for about $6. I'm fairly certain I could retire in just a few years by putting vending machines in these hotels with some cat5 cables.
Thanks for letting me vent.
Nice site.


Geeze , it wasn't free in the lobby? Like everyone in the lobby paid for a room huh? I bet you take your McDonalds glass to a different town and want a refill. If you're too cheap to buy a membership, quit whining. You either can't afford your travels or don't have enough sense to use your expense account. Either way, grow up.
And you , Genius, if you knew you wanted to hook up to the net, why didn't you bring a cable. Maybe they should just give them away too? Without a deposit, they probably walk off with the towels. It's not like they're making a hugh margin of profit on the connection.
Why do some adults act like spoiled entitled brats.
I bet service personnel applaud when you check out if this griping is a sign of how you view the world.


Wow, linn, I haven't seen PMS that bad since High School. Most hotels have WIRELESS internet access, rendering a Cat-5 cable a redundancy. Some might think it's not to much to have wireless access if you're paying $150 a night. Secondly, it's also pretty obvious that since permalink was CHECKING OUT of the hotel, he probably had already paid for his entire stay (catch the sarcasm? I'm laying it on pretty thick.)

Wash the sand out of your vagina and take some Mydol, you'll feel better.


First.. winers like him would give a nun an attitude.
Secondly.. he checked out, and his connection in the room is calculated to end at checkout. Maybe if he had asked the front desk nicely they would have given him a coupon or something for the lobby, but I got a feeling this guy was not a pleasant guest to deal with. Maybe he should take the midol....maybe you can give him one of yours :)


One of the problems with common-area wireless access is that most guests assume--like CNS--that they can then get free wireless throughout the hotel.

Unfortunately, the hotel (and whoever provides their wireless service) can't simply provide free wireless access in common areas. Why not? Because, as Linn mentioned, not all of those folks able to access the wireless signal will be paying guests. Therefore, the hotel won't be making any money from that user to make up for the costs of the connection.

However, I know for a *fact* that had he asked about a coupon for use in the wireless common area, and could prove he was a guest, he could have received one; I know because I've done exactly that in the past.

It pays to be a polite, grateful guest, I suppose. Regardless, please understand a little bit more about technology and service before blindly assuming that just because you're inconvenienced, the hotel/wireless provider doesn't know what they're doing.

P.S. I do agree, however, that there should have been far more CAT-5 cables at that hotel, especially with that number of guests. As to CNS laughing off the $30 deposit, it was only that--a deposit--and they could have simply tacked it to his bill, then removed it when he returned the cable. It sounds to me like CNS wanted--like most leisure travelers--to receive everything and anything under the sun for anywhere from $69-$199/night. Sorry to break it to you, but that's basically STANDARD travelers at this point, not top-of-the-line. You are not an exceptionally profitable customer to the hotel (given that you are likely not going to be a regular, repeat guest), and they are NOT going to bend over backwards to please you.


In most hotels that charge for wireless, I can go out and sit in my car and access the web for free from a building nearby.

I have done this numerous times. I wonder why people would spend $10 a day for access when it is free everywhere I go.

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