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April 16, 2005





"Browse Our Locations OR Enter Street Address"

I guess it's fixed now, that was quick! Or they just put the radius method online a day before the other one for some weird reason.

Deb Morrissey

Uh, no. The "browse our locations" option does not allow the Southern NY choice. You can choose the entire NYC metro area, or a specific borough, or a specific Westchester town, or all of New York State, but not all of the southern NY/Western Conn area without including NYC.


But the contemporary New Atheism peomonhnen can be studied without really caring about what new atheists believe since the movement largely defines itself as opposing the status quo – i.e. it’s easily show how religion is bad, without proposing an alternative. Clearly this isn’t a long term solution and eventually we will need to propose a replacement for religion, but for now, the movement should be studied for what it is. No replacement is necessary. I think of religion as a bad habit like any other. When you can see clearly that religion is false and undesirable, nothing need replace it. To say that it requires a replacement is like saying that people who bite their nails need something to replace biting their nails. No they don't. They just need to stop biting their nails.

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