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October 11, 2005



"Don't get in the middle"... I totally agree.


Couldn't agree with you more. Well said.

enoch choi

it just begs the relevance of medscape. Their thinking stinks of traditional MSM rationalisations. The web promotes the better medbloggers via linklove and doesn't need medscape. Verification is done by the community itself, by quotes back and forth between medbloggers, and eventually, by the readers. Let the reader beware.

Ion Freeman

Clearly, there's a validating role for a Medscape company to play. This will largely be in the selection of blogger; I used to really enjoy Slate's "The Medical Examiner" even though I had absolutely no faith in Slate's Editorial Staff's medical knowledge, simply because I felt that Microsoft (the owner at that time) would have picked physicians with a certain amount of credibility.
As a member of the general public, it's hard to tell one dermatological oncologist from another, so editors can provide that important function.
Mr. Hoffman brings up the point of verification, something MedScape could do, but Slate couldn't. Every doctor I have known socially has at least one wacky belief, so you'd want the posts verified by medical editors. However, passing blog posts through the verification process kills their immediacy, and detaches them from the news cycle.
So I'd suggest, and I'm just thinking while commenting on a blog post, that the posts go up as the carefully selected blogger finishes them, and then get a notation -- like a little staff of Asclepius icon -- that shows the post has been validated by the editorial staff.
This gives a very active role to the Medical Media company, while keeping the filtration down.


There is a propostion to measure the value of blogs by Pro-Per Utility Test Score

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