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January 11, 2008


Jack S

Introduce me to that big blond
She's got a touch of Tuesday Weld
Wearing Ambush and a French twist
She's got us wild and she can tell.

-New Frontier

Hi Steve.


Steve, thanks for this. The Nightfly was the soundtrack for many a fond memories in my life. Also an introduction to what is (sometimes) born out of obsessive perfectionism! It's true that Fagan has never quite recaptured the spark of that first solo effort...


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I think you are not quite right and you should still studying the matter.


I think you are not quite right and you should still studying the matter.


The new year is already knocking at the door, let it will bring only happiness and joy.


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


Perhaps it's a homage to Del Boy (Palmer) and the chradlens sketch you plonker. Looks like in the glimpse of the booklet it's dropping from a height.Any way genius and lets hope there's hidden messages and symbols in the images to decipher the true meaning of returning to these songs. Well done her new management team. Where's the Deeper Understanding Video or is there a global release like King of the Mountain had?


What's unclear is wehhetr this book comes only with the Deluxe Director's Cut (which includes the remastered Sensual World & The Red Shoes), or if it's included in the single-disc Director's Cut. The book is only pictured on Amazon's Deluxe edition page. Does anyone know? Can Sean answer the question? Thanks.

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